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Betting on American football with bet365

When we talk about betting on American football we talk about variety of betting options. There is no other sport that offers so many options for betting as probably the most beloved sport in the USA. That’s why we wrote the first article, which explained some of the most popular betting options for this sport. Now, in the following lines we describe more about the other betting proposals, which we can see in bet365, which are not so popular, but also offer many opportunities for good profits as the main ones.

One such betting proposal is to bet on the number of points, which will be scored in a match. Every match from the bet365 slip is divided into periods of points and for each of these periods the bookie proposes different odds. For example, if you think that a match will end with less than 20 points scored by both teams, bet365 offers odds of over 26. If you think that it will be a very efficient game and the total number of points will exceed 71, then you can safely expect odds higher than 10.

Of course, bet365 offers a full range of bets like “First to”. With this bet you choose which of the two teams will reach first to a limit of points like 10, 15, 20 and so on, or neither of the teams will reach it at all.

At bet365 you can also bet on which of the two halves will be with more scored points by both teams, as well as whether the total number of points of both teams will be an odd or even number.

In the variety of bets, offered by bet365 we can also see a bet for the quarter with most scored points. This bet is really interesting and those who generally bet on basketball (which also has a similar kind of bet) will notice that with American football is added an equal option. When on basketball happens that two or more parts of the match are with most, but equal numbers of scored points then the bet will be divided by the number of profitable outcomes. However, in American football is added such an option which wins only when there are two or more parts with most scored points.

Probably the best you can do is go to the bet365 website and see all the other options available for American football which the bookmaker provides as there are many more and most of them deserve your attention.

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