Betting on American football with bet365

When we talk about betting on American football we talk about variety of betting options. There is no other sport that offers so many options for betting as probably the most beloved sport in the USA. That’s why we wrote the first article, which explained some of the most popular betting options for this sport. Now, in the following lines we describe more about the other betting proposals, which we can see in bet365, which are not so popular, but also offer many opportunities for good profits as the main ones.

One such betting proposal is to bet on the number of points, which will be scored in a match. Every match from the bet365 slip is divided into periods of points and for each of these periods the bookie proposes different odds. For example, if you think that a match will end with less than 20 points scored by both teams, bet365 offers odds of over 26. If you think that it will be a very efficient game and the total number of points will exceed 71, then you can safely expect odds higher than 10.

Of course, bet365 offers a full range of bets like “First to”. With this bet you choose which of the two teams will reach first to a limit of points like 10, 15, 20 and so on, or neither of the teams will reach it at all.

At bet365 you can also bet on which of the two halves will be with more scored points by both teams, as well as whether the total number of points of both teams will be an odd or even number.

In the variety of bets, offered by bet365 we can also see a bet for the quarter with most scored points. This bet is really interesting and those who generally bet on basketball (which also has a similar kind of bet) will notice that with American football is added an equal option. When on basketball happens that two or more parts of the match are with most, but equal numbers of scored points then the bet will be divided by the number of profitable outcomes. However, in American football is added such an option which wins only when there are two or more parts with most scored points.

Probably the best you can do is go to the bet365 website and see all the other options available for American football which the bookmaker provides as there are many more and most of them deserve your attention.

My betting prediction for Tottenham against Crystal Palace

Tottenham welcomes Crystal Palace in a clash of the Premier League with the idea to win the three points and continue their good performance in the league under the new manager Tim Sherwood. Crystal Palace in turn will try to take something out of White Hart Lane, although they are in the role of an absolute outsider in this match.

Since Tim Sherwood replaced André Villas-Boas as the manager of the Spurs, the team is in a series of three wins and one draw in the league. They are completely transformed and score a goal after another.

Under the management of the Portuguese, Tottenham was the team with the lowest percentage of realization of the goal attempts. With Sherwood in charge they have nine goals in their last four matches or just over 2 goals per game.

A perfect picture someone would say, but it could be true if it wasn’t the match for the FA Cup against Arsenal last week. Then the Spurs were heavily beaten by the Gunners, although Arsene Wenger entered the match with six players from the bench. However, whether this game is indicative or not is something we will find out in the next matches.

Crystal Palace performs well for a team whose goal is the survival in the Premier League. The team has four wins and two draws in their last ten matches, which is actually a good result. However, if you have a look on the stats you will notice that the team always loses its matches against the biggest teams in the Premier League. So far this season Crystal Palace have lost all their matches against the teams from the first six and it is highly unlikely the tendency to be changed this round against Tottenham.

What do the bookies offer for this match? William Hill and bet-at-home offer 1.35 for a home win and the odds at bet365 is 1.4. Crystal Palace’s chances for a win are estimated at 9.5 from William Hill, on 9 from bet365 and 8.5 from bet-at-home. The draw’s odds are about 5 in the three bookmakers.

If you look at the Asian handicap markets you will see that the proposed Tottenham victory by at least two goals margin is with odds of 2.1 with bet365. I believe this odds are too good to be missed and this is why this will be my bet for this match.

A risky tennis betting system

If you love betting on sports matches and you want to pump up the emotions with some risky bets, you can try this betting system associated with Martingale and tennis matches.

However, note the fact that this system is very risky and you could lose all your money with just three or four unsuccessful bets.

Here is what we are talking about. All bookies around the world and especially the biggest names such bet365, bet-at-home and William Hill offer bets on live tennis matches. One of their main proposals is to pick the winner in every game of the match.

Usually the player who serves in tennis has a big advantage and often wins the game, which is a prerequisite for the lower odds of winning in the game you serve in. It often happens that neither of the two players loses their serving games and the set reaches a tiebreak, which can be easily used by the bettors.

How? One of the options is this simple system with which the bettor should bet to win the game only the player who serves. If the player loses the game, the next bet will be for the other player with increased, according to Martingale, amount. When the bet is a winner it starts all over again. It is important to choose players with equal strength because the odds for winning the game will be higher – around 1.5. So you can lose only if there is a series of breaks, something that at least in men’s tennis is rare.

Let’s for example have a bank allowing us to make maximum of three wrong bets. Let’s assume the bettor looks for profit of a unit from each winning bet with odds of 1.5. To make such a bet possible the bettor should bet at the first step 2 units. If it is a loser, the second bet should be 6 units and the third should be 18 units or in other words the whole amount the bettor risks is 26 units.

So, you need 26 successful bets to make a profit. Now everyone can make up their own calculation. Could you find tennis matches where not to fall in a series in three consecutive breaks? If the answer is yes, go for it.

Three betting tips to improve your game

If you like sports betting, but you fail so far to achieve a profit then perhaps the time has come to try to improve your game and start betting more professionally. In this article we will try to give you three simple tips which will help you to be more successful in your betting.

Tip number One – Record every bet you have made. This is extremely important, as it will give you the opportunity to review your betting and to analyze the mistakes you’ve made. Apart from this one day your betting database may become a valuable source of new ideas that would bring you to more profit in the future.

Tip number Two – Always comply with the margin offered by the bookmakers. This is also important because exactly the margin is the factor (for those who do not know what margin is, it is an extra to the odds that the bookmakers offer and by which they realize their profit) that determines what success rate you would need to achieve a profit. The higher margin proposed by the bookmakers, higher success rate to achieve profit you will need.

Tip number Three – always and only play with money from the bookmaker. This tip is directly related to the first one, because in order to run it successfully it is necessary to keep a strict record of all the bets you made. The basic idea is that once you get some money (ideally it will happen with the very first bet you make), you need to put a money limit line which you shouldn’t fall below. If it happens, stop betting, but keep a record of every possible bet you would do. When your results improve again and when with a successful bet you can jump over your limit, then you bet with real money again.

By following these three tips you will be able to limit your losses from betting, even to gain some profit. It is important to know that this is an extremely difficult task and even limiting losses is still a huge success.

Simple betting system for tennis matches

Most leading bookmakers offer in their slips options for betting on the correct score of tennis matches. In most tennis tournaments, the players need to win two sets for winning the match, which means that the possible outcomes in this bet are four – 2:0, 2:1, 1:2 and 0:2. In male Grand Slam tournaments the winner is determined by winning three sets, which increases the possibilities to six – 3:0, 3:1, 3:2, 2:3, 1:3 and 0:3.

This limited range of betting options has its advantages for building different betting strategies by which to get some profit. Of course, this way of betting is only for the players who strictly follow the betting discipline and have good money management.

One possible strategy is simply to make a database for each proposed by the bookmakers odds and all possible outcomes. So, let’s say the odds for a win of one player are 1.25 and for the other are 3.75. We can make a database with the outcomes of all matches with such odds and see that 2-0 have ended that number of matches, 2:1 another number of matches and so on.

Knowing the exact percentage of matches with one or the other outcome, we can make a comparison with the proposed by the bookmakers odds and see where we can find profit (if there is such). The idea is that if the first 100 matches with similar odds have given us profit, it is very likely that the other 100 to do the same.

Let’s take for example the coefficients 1.25 and 3.75. Bet365 proposals at this rate for an exact result are: 1.66 for 2-0, 3.75 for 2:1, 6 for 0:2 and 7.5 for 1:2. Looking at these odds, we can see that the bookmaker’s margin is a bit more than 16. This means that you have to comply with this margin and must comply percentages from your database not by 100%, but by 116%. This means that to make profit for betting on the correct score 2-0 you need at least 61% of the matches in your database to have ended with this result. For correct score 2:1, this percentage is 27%.

So, by comparing with the database and doing some math you can easily see where you can find and where you can’t find profit when you bet on the exact score of tennis matches.

Tennis betting with bet at home

Tennis is one of the most popular sports among bettors and the reason is mostly in the betting options that bookmakers offer for this sport as well as the popularity of tennis among all sports fans. One of the worlds most famous bookmakers bet-at-home offers in their slips all matches from the major and not so tournaments around the world and this is why on this post we will have a look at what bet-at-home offers to the bettors in their tennis slip.

Traditionally, the main bet offered by the bookmaker is for a winner in the given tennis match. Here, the bettor is required simply to choose the player who will win the match. It is important to note the advantage to bet on tennis instead on football for example, as in the tennis the draw is not possible, which favors the bettors as it reduces their chances of making losing bets.

Another major bet on the bet-at-home is for the winner of each set. The betting options for the winner on the first set are available in the main sheet of bet-at-home, while for the others it has to be bet on the live betting section.

An interesting bet offered by bet-at-home is for the set points needed to win each set. The proposals are for one, two or three or more than three. This is an interesting betting option that few bookmakers offer.

Of course, bet-at-home offers in its section for live betting on tennis and the option to bet on the winner of each game.

Another interesting bet proposed by bet-at-home is for a correct score of the match. They offer four possible outcomes (on the men Grand Slam tournaments the possible outcomes are six), making it an interesting opportunity for using different types of betting systems.

The last offer for betting with bet-at-home when it comes to tennis matches is for the winner of the match, but with predefined handicap for one of the players.

Bet-at-home offers huge number of betting options for tennis matches, which makes this bookie among the world’s top bookmakers.

Southampton vs West Bromwich Albion – my betting prediction

Southampton welcomes West Bromwich Albion in a match from the 21st round of the English Premier League. This is a match which the bookmakers expect to be won by the home side, but for sure it will be a great and most importantly really difficult to predict battle.

Mauricio Pochettino’s boys started the season in an extraordinary way and even touched the first places in the standings, but their form fell down in the last two months and they dropped to the middle of the table. With just two wins in their last ten matches, Southampton occupies the ninth place and is ten points behind the sixth place, which was their goal after the great first results they achieved.

It is curious to note that WBA walked the same path last season when for a long period of time they were one of the toughest to beat teams in the league. However, on the second part of the season they experienced a decline in the form and finished in the mid-table. If we go back to Southampton it is important to notice that in the last ten matches they played, they met teams like Chelsea twice, Arsenal, Manchester City, Everton, Tottenham and Newcastle so their poor results are somewhat justified. On this fact relies the lack of bad pressure in the team, which is definitely welcomed by the manager given the lighter program from now on.

However, it has to be noted that WBA is a rival, which is difficult to beat. In their last ten matches they’ve achieved five draws and started the new year more than fine after a victory over Newcastle at home.

What do the bookies offer for this match? Bet-at-home provides the lowest odds for a home win, offering only 1.7. The host’s chances for a win are assessed by bet365 on 1.8 and on 1.73 by William Hill. The odds for a draw of the three bookmakers are close and are about 3.6. West Brom ‘s chances for a victory are assessed by bet-at-home at 4.85, by bet365 at 4.6 and by William Hill at 4.5.

It is right to say that all these odds offered by the bookmakers seem correct and not good enough to make a bet. That’s why my advice is to stay away from this match and choose another one on which to bet.